Who We Are

Helvetical is a pharmaceutical company focused on product development and accessibility in the life sciences industry.  With head office in Switzerland, we offer an umbrella of services from analytical samples, comparator products, regulatory services and wholesale supply of over 5,000 products mainly from the Swiss market.

Through our group of partners, Helvetical has further activities vested in product development, which includes supporting over 63 clinical trials, 18 biosimilar studies, 3 Car-T cell therapy projects and mandated by a variety of sponsors for the supply of Swiss originator products.

Require Swiss comparator products for Clinical studies ?

Helvetical has open accounts with local Swiss manufacturers and their distributing agents, which allows sourcing from multi-batch samples to large volumes for Phase 3 trials.  Contact us today and see how our team can assist you current requirements.

Key Members

Mr. L. Zerr, Managing Director

Educated in Switzerland with a masters in law, Mr. Zerr has taken the position of managing director at Helvetical since 2019.  His previous experience stems from clinical trial industry.

Dr. Andreas Czank, FVP, QP

With background in various multinational companies, Dr. Czank heads the quality & compliance team, and coordinates with local health authority and ministry of health.

Mrs. S. Yin, QA

Educated in Denmark and Hungary, Mrs. Yin manages the quality assurance and GDP compliance at Helvetical following Swiss and European standards.

Join our Team

We are always interested in hiring dynamic and multilingual candidates to support our growing global offices.  If you are interested to join our team, contact us.